Michał Mierzejewski Photography

7he Process

7HE STELLAR AR7 OF Craftsmanship

Michal Mierzejewski’s consummate devotion to Ar7 craftsmanship is stellar-class unique. Understanding and meeting exacting standards prompts every step of his distinct fine art process. Michal feels that this adherence to precision with closeness to nature both during witnessing That moment and process of uleashing is what the finest landscape art both demands and deserves.

Frames are individually designed for every photo – they are all made all from natural, revitalized and recycled wood.

Michal Mierzejewski’s Ar7 is one of the few artist-owned facilities in the world that produces all work entirely in-house – right from the camera to your wall.

This guarantees the highest quality photographic product possible combined with closest to nature framing.

7HE PROCESS OF Nature Perfection 

Being Environmental Protection graduated Master of Science Michal’s work always put Our mother nature in top of the tops.

He always finds a way to deliver his signature style of photography in honor of Mother Nature, no matter what kind of nature / recycled components are available — always tries to build best AR7 in honor of Mother Nature with .

Traces of bark beetles embellish the 120-year-old frame, secured and beautifully finished individually by the a7tist himself.



All of Michal’s images are printed on the best papers, canvas or anything available, always individually matched and framed to show the original photo in a best light.
Every one of the frames that Michal sources is designed and produced exclusively by Michał.

This individual approach guarantees the highest quality photographic product possible combined with closesed to nature wood framing.


Photography is taste, birth… so I felt like I just had to give shapes & colours to my impressions & feelings.

It’s my poetry of reality or mirages just coming true just to awesomely hang it on the wall.

GET INSPIRED michalmierzejewski.com

All newest photographs are always showed in his gallery: michalmierzejewski.com

Michal’s exclusive collection of awesome inspiring ar7 photography has been designed to completely transform the look of any interior space.

Amazing big print ‘home’ by Michał


Immortality by Michał Mierzejewski

Over 50 yr old frame makes this AR7 so spacial.

Immortality by Michał Mierzejewski

7he Matt

Traditional framing uses a matt board—we take it to the next level! Matts (also known as liners) are another critical component in the showcasing of the art. Our wood fibre matts are milled out of one complete piece of wood – ensuring there are no seams or joins. These are then wrapped in the highest quality, resilient, duck canvas, 100% cotton. This not only enhances the art, but adds strength and stability.

7he Frame

7he wood frame moldings are individually hand-crafted by the ar7ist himself for every photo. As Environmental Protection graduated student Michal’s always try to keep it closest to nature and produce the finest quality and most aesthetically alluring moldings in the world. Old world nature recycled timber veneers are hand sanded and expertly finished to enhance their inherent cracks, amazing “defects” and inherent beauty. All of Michal’s exquisite finishes are veneered indyvidually. All timber is sustainably and especially sourced from recycled/old wood.

7he Certificate

Every single piece of Ar7 made by Michal is always assembled with original Certificate of Authenticity

7he Assemble

In every step of Michal manufacturing process the Ar7 is inspected every possible way – before and after each phase to ensure the highest quality standards.

Pack and Ship

Michal’s insistence that all production be done in-house means the final and critical last act is a individual marvel.
Special attention to superior packing practices and materials protects your ar7s from damage during transit.